About Us

Tatiana Rocio, is a cancer survivor who has embraced a passion for making others feel beautiful inside and out. She is a fashion designer and a cosmetologist, who is looking to further herself in the fashion industry.

“I am a childhood cancer survivor, of a very rare throat cancer. That is how I actually got into the industry, and I love giving cancer or ill patients makeovers to see the smiles on their face…I am a licensed cosmetologist, and a student at the Art Institute of Wisconsin, expecting to graduated in December 2016 with a Bachelors in Fashion Design.”

Having opportunities to work with many local designers, as well as participate in fashion shows & photoshoots, as either a makeup/hair artist or as a designer.

“I have been an active member of the fashion and beauty industry am looking to continue to grow and expand.”

Some social media experience has been working with local coverage as Telemundo (3 times), CBS 58, La Gran D, Conquistador, and the Journal Sentinel which has also published 2 original garments as coverage at a Art Institute Fashion Show. (image shown on right)